Cold Waves

Romania, Germany, Luxembourg | 2007 | 108’ | Documentary
A film by
Alexandru Solomon
Doina Cornea
Ada Solomon - Elvira Geppert - Paul Thiltges

This is a love and hate story built around something no one can see or touch: radio waves.

During the 80’s, Radio Free Europe was the secret relief and confidant of its Romanian listeners. The Radio was Ceausescu’s most important enemy; he even hired Carlos the Jackal to close it down. All the protagonists of this story confront themselves once more in COLD WAVES: speakers of the radio, along with terrorists, listeners as well as party and Securitate officials, Romanians, Germans, Americans and French alltogether.

The world has changed, there are different wars now. But if you listen to the voices, you may get a better picture.

World Premiere
Production company
Hi Film (RO) - Geppert Production (DE) - Paul Thiltges Distributions
Paul Thiltges Distributions