Little Duke


Luxembourg | 2022 | 100’ | Comedy, Drama
A film by
Andy Bausch
André Jung, Luc Feit, ...
Adrien Chef & Paul Thiltges

An inheritance does not necessarily mean the end of all worries. Definitely not for two elderly friends, both in their early 60s, who inherited the “LITTLE DUKE” after the death of their adoptive father. The Irish pub in the idyllic lower town of the rich metropolis of Luxembourg has long since passed its heyday, is now heavily in debt and in need of renovation, but fits perfectly into the loot scheme of the building speculators who want to redevelop the entire district.

What to do? Do you want to start again when you retire, revitalize the pub or give in to pressure from speculators?

The difficult but wise journey of two old men, one a realist and one an incorrigible optimist, through the world of the rich and powerful.

World Premiere
Production company
Paul Thiltges Distributions
Paul Thiltges Distributions