Lost in the 80's

Luxembourg | 2019 | 85' | Documentary
A film by
Andy Bausch
André Jung - Luc Schiltz
Adrien Chef - Paul Thiltges

Lost in the 80s is a documentary about the social, political and cultural situation in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg during the decade oft the 1980’s. Lead by two fictional characters, the narrative aims to depict a profound portrait of what this country looked like more than 30 years ago.

Lost in the 80s est un documentaire sur la situation sociale, politique et culturelle au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg au cours des années 80. Le récit a pour but de brosser un portrait profond de ce à quoi ressemblait le pays il y a 30 ans.

World Premiere
Production company
Paul Thiltges Distributions
Paul Thiltges Distributions