Stories from Finland

Finland | 2017 | 84’ | Documentary
A film by
Jussi Oroza
Klaus Heydemann

STORIES FROM FINLAND tells us, through personal accounts, what is most important to us, how we have become who we are, and what kind of changes we go through when we move towards internationalization.

We are told stories by every generation, stories about hope, love, family, God, etc. We hear echoes from the past, the humbleness of the older generations, wounds, gratitude and happiness. The StoryTent is, finally, a magical and intimate space where personal stories connect with the collective memory and, together, form a poetic narrative about the Finnish soul - and yet it is still based on the fundamental questions of being a universal human being. Viewers can watch this film as if they were looking into a mirror, and they will discover themselves.

This is one of the few films which really tells us more than just information about ourselves and our culture; it touches on something universal but recognizable. A really great film and a truly inspiring experience.

World Premiere
Production company
Inland Film Company Ltd. (FIN)