Luxembourg, France, Germany, China, Japan, Netherlands | 2016 | 90’ & 52’ | Documentary
A film by
Myriam Tonelotto
Gilbert Johnston
Nina Robert - Denis Robert - David Grumbach - Paul Thiltges - Angelika Mohr - Luc Tharin

What would the world look like if nuclear power had been conceived to provide energy rather than bombs or nuclear submarines?

Thorium molten salt reactors: ever heard about this technology? In a parallel universe, this reactor, combined with solar and wind power, ensures a guaranteed access to energy all over the planet. The oil wars didn't bloody the world, the climate hasn't got out of hand, Chernobyl and Fukushima are anonymous points on the map and nuclear waste isn't an issue. In our own universe, the same reactor, stillborn in the forties and buried in '71, reappears, carried by researchers far away from the traditional nuclear industry.

But, shh! We mustn't talk about it.

World Premiere
Production company
Citizen Films (UK) - Juliette Films - Morefilms (DE)
Paul Thiltges Distributions